Alekai Kimono Dress

Massakai print


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The Alekai Kimono dress is both feminine and tribal.  A wrap over dress with exaggerated kimono sleeves. The sleeves are left partially open under the arm in a traditional kimono pattern. The dress can be wrapped around the body and tied with a wide block printed sash belt in the same print as the dress or worn open as a dramatic summer coat. The sash belt can double as a matching headscarf. These pieces look equally as stunning at the beach as they do worn as evening, ceremonial or occasion wear

The kimono dress is made from moss crepe viscose. This durable fabric has an incredible drape and luminosity in the colours of the print

The length is 147cm although individual pieces may vary slightly as each piece is individually cut and created. Size wise, worn fully closed this will fit UK size 8 to 12 and worn open up to a size 16.

All Of Alekai's creations are limited edition. Many are one off pieces.  Inspired by tribal motifs and the fusion of East and West, old traditions with a modern twist. In Alekai's own words: ' I am a story tailor; a gypsy story tailor. Sharing beauty, vision and magic through textiles and clothes.'

'The 2019 Massakai collection is inspired by African tribal art and Japanese sophistication, this years collection combines chunky unique textiles with feminine elegance. This tribal urban fusion can adorn wearers from city streets, to beaches, from festivals to Ibiza villas.

All our prints are custom made by Alekai. All our fabrics are hand block printed. We rely heavily on natural dyes and for this reason our pieces must be treated with love and care.'

Cold hand wash with gentle detergent, do not tumble dry OR dry clean to see the longevity of each garment.