Botiya Tribe hand spun hand knitted Socks



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The Botiya tribe live on the Indo Tibetan boarder in the Himalayas of north India. They are a tribe of farmers who live high in the mountains amongst their flocks of goats and sheep. The Botiya women handspin the natural wool into simple grey or cream yarns and knit socks and blankets to sell to passing pilgrims. My friend Helen has been working with this community for fourteen years and is good friends with them.

The socks are available in two sizes, Medium fits Uk 4-7 and Large fits UK 7-10. It's not an exact science! All the socks vary slightly as hand made things do. One super sweet thing is that on the label of each pair of socks is the name of the woman who made them.

The socks are warm, thick and well made and great for both men and women around the house or as a boot sock. They are made from 100% wool from the sheep of the Botiya tribe.