Handwoven Tribal Wool Khadi shawl Dot Motif

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These very special wool shawls are hand spun and handwoven in village homes in rural Rajasthan to traditional designs. They are sourced from the Khadi initiative started by Ghandi to bring textile production back to India from the mills of Manchester. This is truly from a cottage industry supported and subsidised by the Indian government to encourage and preserve traditional skills and rural communities.

Dying may be slightly uneven or there may be slight irregularities in these shawls. Every one is a hand made product made by a different person on a different loom in a different home. This is the beauty of them.

I measured the shawls and all of them varied slightly. The size is approximately 80" X 40"

This is a piece to be treasured and worn over and over. A really beautiful gift for yourself or another.

Made from 100% hand spun wool.

Hand wash cold with gentle detergent. Dry Flat. Do not tumble dry