Lyra Wool Waistcoat Funky Cotton lining

Off White

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    Off White grey sparkle duck egg blue Black


The Lyra wool waistcoat is based on a pattern that I adapted from my classic hacking jacket a number of years ago. It is a hip length collared waistcoat fastening with three shell buttons. There are two side pockets.

The cotton linings are funky bright patterns. I should make clear that the waistcoat is NOT actually reversible, I have just taken photo's of the waistcoats inside out to show the linings ( although you could take the label off and sow three buttons on the other side if you want. Maybe I will do that if I ever make them again !)

I made a limited number of these waistcoats this year from fabrics I had left over in my fabrics room. This means that some of the waistcoats match other styles I have in the shop. You will see this on some of the photos. I think the grey sparkle waistcoat looks really funky with the magdalene jacket  And the Duck Egg Blue waistcoat is the same fabric as the Seed of life Swing coat and they look good together even though I forgot to take a photo in the shoot.

The waistcoats are made from post consumer waste wool rich fabric that I hunt and Gather in the surplus markets of India and lined in cotton.

To wash, wash on a cold wool cycle or hand wash. Do not tumble dry.