MAGIC REALISM COAT Handwoven Ikat Fabric


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Dress for the RE'LOVE'UTION

whatever this brave new world throws at us we are going to need something to wear!

The cotton used to make this coat has been dyed using the traditional Ikat technique, traditional for generations in Uzbekistan.  The Ikat dying is actually mind-boggling and I am sure there are many who will read this who know much more about it than me, but basically, certain threads are tightly knotted, then dyed. Then the knots are untied and that creates the pattern. It is tied and dyed as many times as is needed to create the pattern. This coat is made from very fine cotton that was woven on a handloom in narrow widths.

It is lined in red cotton with a paisley print.

Well stitched and can be worn reversible


Length Top to Bottom: 128

Half Chest ( measured when coat closed): 65

Shoulder to shoulder:

Sleeve Length: 60

Arm Hole ( measured flat): 31

I have to recommend Dry Cleaning as each piece is individual