Maya Long Wool Skirt

Turkish Coffee

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    Pebble Grey Olive Green Turkish Coffee


This is a sturdy, full length skirt made from woven blazer wool blend fabric.  The fabrics used were carefully hunted and gathered in the surplus markets of India.  This means that the pieces are all limited edition and won't be repeated. The skirt is an A-line cut with a generous amount of fabric giving it a flattering drape.  The wide waistband is cut in a triangle shape. There is a Woollen plaid inset panel on front with subtle contrast plaid detail on the front pocket. The hem is asymmetrical and shorter at the back than at the front exposing the pleated hem of the full cotton lining. Skirt fastens with a sturdy metal zip and button.

This skirt is unusual as hardly anyone wants to use this much fabric to make a skirt! It is super warm, practical but also feminine. Built to last

Wash on cold delicates cycle with a gentle detergent. do not tumble dry