Mermaid Gypsy Flared Maxi Skirt/Dress Organic Cotton Lycra

Hawthorn Red


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This pattern was originally developed on the stand for the Mermaid Dress many moons ago by inserting a series of panels and pleats into an A-line dress. It has had a few incarnations as a dress since then and now it has reincarnated into a skirt. Well, a skirt dress to be more accurate.

Fabric insets sit in irregular places giving an uneven hemline. The front of the skirt is higher than the back which makes a fish tail effect. This construction gives the skirt a lot of weight in the lower part of the skirt which gives it fluidity, movement and a flattering silhouette.

The skirt can also be worn asymmetrically with the triangular inset at the back hem turned to the side instead.

The skirt has a fold down waistband with small loops sown on. When worn as a skirt this gives the detail of a tie belt but the waistband can also be pulled up over the bust and the tie belt used as shoulder straps. So it can be a sun dress. That's the skirt dress aspect.

Wear alone. It's definitely enough. Or add petticoats if that's your thing. My thing is to wear it pulled up as a dress but add a cardigan or a cropped T-shirt over!

SIZE GUIDE: Based on UK measurements.

XS: 8-10

S: 10-12

M: 12-14

L: 14-16

XL: 16-18

COMPOSITION: 100% Organic Cotton lycra with 5% elastane, 200gsm

CARE :     Machine wash on 30 degrees using gentle detergent. You can tumble dry it on low if you like, I do sometimes, it will be fine. But tumble drying is not the most recommended optimum care for the lifetime care of any clothes and uses more energy