Pure Wool Handwoven tribal Shawl Check

Black and White check Tribal


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This exquisite pure wool shawl is hand woven on traditional looms with hand-spun yarn inside rural village homes in Rajasthan, India. Preserving traditional skills, as well as traditional heritage patterns. They can take up to 20 days to weave. They are so beautifully weighty and warm, super thick and durable, if well-cared for they will last a lifetime, even generations.

The measurements are 120cm X 255cm. So this is a very big size shawl or can also be used as a single blanket or as a throw over a chair. Perfect for travelling with or wrapping around you at home. Wear belted with an Obi belt for a totally Boho Vibe ! Perfect for festival evenings in the summer. If you love textiles as much as we do, you will appreciate that this really is an heirloom piece. The kind of beautiful, well made object built to last that is becoming more and more rare and valuable