short kimono xx red moss crepe


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Introducing the SS24 KAIRON collection from Alekai Goldentear

As you can see, I have hardly any duplicates. Every year the box I receive is full of individual pieces and in the main, I only have one of each. This is the first year I have uploaded them to my website. I can not write an individual description for each one.

The fabric and the style are mentioned. Please message me on whats app: +44 7912662387 or email me at : amandaharuka@gmail.comfor more details

' a manifestation of confidence, transformation, and the limitless possibilities that arise from embracing change. The metamorphic journey through tangible and ethereal threads, unveiling a collection that embodies the universal journey of profound self-discovery. Our creations are a testament to the rich tapestry of diverse culture. Every design emerges as a vivid canvas, thoughtfully shaped and crafted with a touch of mystic poetry.' Alekai

Alekai is my friend and one of my favourite designers ever. I am blessed and humbled to receive a yearly drop of his exquisite clothing to add a touch of tribal chic to our UK summer and huge dashings of individuality and style. Alekai's collections are always a delicious array of colours, textiles, textures and prints. All crafted from natural fabrics and hand block printed with natural dyes in unique, bespoke patterns.

There is always a good reason that you need an Alekai to accompany you through your summer and beyond. Think festivals, holidays, weddings, parties. These are investment pieces that allow you to build your wardrobe with Intentional Statement Pieces.

This is slow fashion built around timeless pieces that express you. Clothing that allows you to describe yourself. Clothing that has congruence and evolves with you through the years. Alekai Goldentear's clothes are future heirlooms crafted with ancient artisan skills.

Love Amanda X