Tibetan Skirt Reversible Cotton

Gypsy Green Polka Dot

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    Gypsy Green Polka Dot Black and White


This simple and clever design is adapted from the shape of a typical tibetan traditional dress, which is called a Chuba. The skirt is very simple. it is two rectangular pieces of fabric stitched together with a tie belt at each side. To wear, step between the two layers of cotton and fold the two sides around the body.There are buttons inside to fit the skirt to your size. wrap the belt around the waist or hips to tie.  This will create a triangular fold which can be worn as you like. traditionally at the back but it looks great worn to the side. The skirt can be primarily plain or primarily patterned, depending which way you fold it.

Sizing note/UK equivalent:

S: 8-12

M: 12-16

L: 16-20