Tribal Shawl Pure wool

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These Tribal Shawls come in two sizes. The stole size is 70 X 200cm and the shawl size is 100 X 200 cm. They are made from 100% high quality wool. These shawls are designed and produced in small batches in the Himalayas in Northern India.  I find the design and colour palettes in these shawls so special and, to be honest, I have seen a lot of shawls in my time! I value high quality materials and I love traditional techniques and heritage motifs. I also love evolution and innovation and these shawls really hit the sweet spot for me. Long sentence I know!

 These shawls are machine woven. This gives them an intricacy of design and composition that I believe would be possible in a hand woven shawl but it would take uncountable hours, months and months to weave. So using modern weaving techniques combined with imported quality yarns and employing traditional tribal motifs with subtle, modern colour palettes really does it for me.

  I only have one piece of most of the shawls photographed.

 I think the photographs could be better quality as I did an experimental thing and took photographs myself on my ipad with Sophie and I realise that when you zoom in on some of them they are a bit fuzzy (grrr) but you get a true impression from the close ups of the textiles. 

 Made from 100% fine wool, dry clean only