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About Haruka

Beautiful clothing that will stand the test of time…

For over a decade Haruka has been developing a reputation for beautiful well-made clothing for women who want a wardrobe that is stylish, empowering, elegant, unique… and will stand the test of time.

Slow fashion, not passing trends…

Our collections are designed to build upon each other year after year, so that treasured favourites can be mixed and matched with new pieces. We use natural fibres, in rich earthy shades, some of them woven especially for us to our own specification of weight, composition and colour. Other fabrics are sourced from the surplus market, using materials that the fashion industry would otherwise throw away. This allows us to get creative, and add spice to our range with limited edition pieces.


Ethically sourced style…

We support small suppliers who have transparent working practices, and we pay them fairly. It is important to us that our clothes are made in an environment where workers are valued, respected and treated fairly. We have been working with many of our suppliers in India and Nepal since we started the business and we've made some good friends along the way…

Born in Glastonbury, inspired by diversity, loved the world over

Haruka was founded in 2004 in Glastonbury, England by designer Amanda Chambers, and has grown in an organic way over the years. Her inspiration is the interweaving of cultures and subcultures she discovers on her travels around the world. Her designs often reflect Japanese simplicity and Asian-inspired shapes, and embrace the spirit of freedom, movement and spontaneity. Glastonbury’s unique hippie bohemian vibe and its reputation as a spiritual centre attracts thousands of visitors every year and we are proud to have built up a loyal following of customers from all over the world.

Unfold your own myth