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Slow Fashion gift card from source you can trust to support ethical clothing principles though the complete supply chain.

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Buy a gift voucher and share the joy of ethical clothing and slow fashion. Sustainable fashion at your pace. There is no time limit on the voucher.


  • Buy the card
  • Fill in the email address of the person you are sending it to.
  • IF you want to forward it to somebody at a LATER date then send it to YOURSELF initially.
  • You (or the person it's for) will receive an email with a link to the Haruka website and a unique voucher code.
  • The voucher can also be redeemed in person at the Haruka Studio

Give the gift of limited edition, thoughtful collections designed and curated to last and build upon one another over time. Natural fabrics are carefully selected for quality and longevity. Vintage, One-of-a-kind pieces and unique handwoven textiles, organic cotton, natural dyes, inclusive sizing, original design, subtle, eclectic wanderings in expression curated with a common thread.

Let's keep building the world we want to live in. One that supports creativity, small-scale innovative enterprise, heart, human connection and ethical working practices without compromising on quality and aesthetic or creative expression. One that preserves heritage skills alongside innovation, playfulness and thinking outside of the box whilst ultimately creating something beautiful, practical and versatile that becomes part of your life. Something that joins the dots

If you would rather visit the studio to spend your voucher, welcome. I would love that. I am always happy to spend some time with people to find what works best for them. Please Whats App me to make a time to call in on : +44 7912662387

If you want a gift card for an amount other than the ones listed, email and I can arrange that directly with you

Thanks and Praises

Amanda X