Tiger Scarf Organic Cotton Natural Dye Hand Block Printed

Tiger Hand Block Print Green Tone


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Limited Edition Scarf made from naturally dyed Organic Cotton. Hand Block Printed and Dabu Mud Resist Print.

This fabric is really special. It was produced especially for Haruka in a very limited quantity. It is 100% organic cotton dyed with natural dyes. The cotton has then undergone two age-old hand printing processes traditional to Rajasthan, both of which, to be done well, requires great skill and accuracy. I feel so blessed that the family who designed and produced this exquisite cloth have been block printing for seven generations and are a wealth of knowledge and skill.

The tiger image is block printed from a hand-carved wood block and the tiger stripes were created through a process of Dabu Mud Resist which involves a labour intensive natural process. In brief, a mud resist mixture is made with gum, lime and white chaff, this mixture is applied to the fabric in patterns with blocks, then completely dried. Post drying, the fabric is dipped in a vat of natural dye which does not penetrate the patterns made with the mud, this is again dried, followed by several washes to remove excess dye and then the paste. Hence the design is formed.

I am blown away by the subtle, graceful beauty and imagery that has been created with this age old printing techniques on this fabric. It's a work of art and took a lot of time to make by hand, the energy in it is so palpable to me.

CARE:   Hand wash cold with gentle detergent, do not soak, do not dry in strong direct sunlight and do not tumble dry. Please be aware that natural dyes fade slowly over time, this is part of their magic, I love the way that pieces evolve with wear

SIZE: aprox 3 X 1.2 m . It's a big piece of fabric but thin and floaty