Inspiring Women Who Wear Haruka – Dorrie Joy

Who are you?

My name is Dorrie Joy. I am an artist and craftswoman.

Dorrie wearing Haruka Black Jumpsuit

How do you spend your time?

I work with paint, clay, wood, stone, textiles, skin and feathers. I live on the land in a magic hand made house with my family, milking goat, hens and bees. I love gardening, growing food, flowers, herbs and trees. 

What inspires you?
I am inspired by courage, kindness, the translation of journeys of human hearts across landscapes, what moves us to create art, beauty, poetry, music… rituals of belonging and acts of wild rebellion.

What colour brings you joy?
The colours that bring me joy are hawthorn reds, deep scarlettes, rich reds, the colour of our life blood. 
Also greens, the colour of leaves, of spring, of the earth, of the heart.
And deep browns are a comfort to me. The colour of my hair, of soil.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing?
I have a few favourite items of clothing in these colours. They are all lambswool and come from Haruka.
The Rhiannon dress…I’ve worn it to a wedding, to work, as weekend long pyjamas, as ceremonial thermals, it’s so beautiful and cosy.
The cowl neck jumper… sooo snuggley yet not too bulky. I’ve lived in this, inside and outside, all winter.
And the Tara wrap around cardigan, because I can fit my children and grandchildren into its soft folds, wrap them up on my lap.

Dori modelling the Haruka Classic brown Tunic

How important to you is clothing as a medium of self expression?
Clothing as a medium of self expression is important to me as an expression of self care, dressing my body in natural fabrics, in colours that warm me, is a nourishment. The ethical sourcing of my clothes is very important to me. The fast fashion industry is criminal in all ethical and sustainable terms, a huge pollutant. Third world workers exploited, cheap acrylic fabrics…so investing in clothes from local designers who are ethically responsible and environmentally considerate using quality fabrics is really important to me.
I love having fewer clothes, but ones that will last me many years. I love how long-wearing good wool is, how it self cleans and retains colour and softness and quality. 
I love buying and wearing clothes made by my friends. In this way we celebrate and support each other, strengthen our community ?





Images above are some examples of Dorrie’s art, please see the link to her website to see more of her work.

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