Inspiring Women Who Wear Haruka – Andrea

Who are you?

I’m Andrea, I’m a 48 years young business owner and mother of two beautiful grown up children. I own Natural Roots ethical salon in Glastonbury.

How do you spend your time?

The salon keeps me busy most of the time, I feel blessed that after 18 years I still enjoy my work.. I get to spend my days being creative and holding space for people to share their stories. When I’m not at work I spend time catching up with friends and family, I enjoy walking our sacred land and appreciate any chance I get to be outside in my garden.. I’m a very lucky lady!

What inspires you?
People inspire me, in my work I meet lots of people from far and wide and their stories  inspire me, I often feel humbled.

What colour brings you joy?

So many colours bring me joy but for different reasons.. I love the combination of turquoise and gold, soft chocolate brown with warm copper.. a great combination for hi-lights!

What is your favourite item of clothing?

Andrea at the Christmas market wearing her Haruka Skye coat in brown plaid with a Haruka kingfisher lambswool wrap.

My favourite item of clothing is my Haruka mustard lambswool bolero cardigan.. I’m desperate for a new one (please make them again Amanda) followed closely by my collection of wool wide collar waistcoats, I wear them all the time.

How important to you is clothing as a medium of self expression?

Clothing has always been an important form of self expression to me…working in the fashion industry I have always felt that its important to set a good example, so looking good yet being comfortable is the key. It is also very important to me as an ethical business owner that I support other like minded businesses, shopping at Haruka covers all of my needs, ethical, stylish and comfortable.. perfect!


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Andrea on the far right, her daughter Rosie wearing the red waistcoat, close friend Joanna in the red mermaid dress, and Joanna’s daughter Izzy wearing the “Eye Am” top. This was for a Mother and Daughter photo shoot.